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We've decided to offer our beginning series online FOR FREE. Call us crazy. Many people have, and we're pretty used to it by now. So really, it's ok.


You can't beat a real live instructor. But a great Kung Fu instructor is really hard to find. In most cities it's impossible. So we're offering our beginning martials arts series online. Free. Good kung fu is to important to not have access. So for as long as we can afford the bandwidth we'll give it out for free. (If you want to give back please give to our charity which helps at risk youth and returning soldiers the Sheng Chi Foundation


Our beginning series teaches the fundamentals of Bear Kung Fu . We concentrate on bear motion for the complete beginning series to give the practitioner a solid foundation. You'll learn solid power producing principles such as bone alignment, muscular alignment, weapon to body timing, and even the floating foot. 


Concentration is on techniques utilizing predominantly the basic stances, the horse and hard bow. This gives the practitioner a very solid base. Whether your goals are just to learn basic self defense or you wish to go on and learn the principles of the more sophisticated beasts this is the place to start. These free martial arts classes will take the average person about four to five months to complete but you can do them at whatever pace you like.


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